June 10, 2013

Dear AP Economics Students,

Congratulations on signing up for Advanced Placement Macroeconomics. We are glad that you decided to take the AP challenge. 

To be successful in the AP Macro course you will need to read your textbook carefully, write clearly with good supporting details, and graph curves for various economic problems. 

To help get you ready, I’ve designed several introductory activities which you can complete at the AP BootCamp. You will receive packets from your Bootcamp leaders, but you can also access these three practice activities at our website: 

Activity 1: Reading

Activity 2: Writing

Activity 3: Graphing

Don’t be afraid to ask your tutors for help; they are great people who have been very successful in the AP Macro course.

I am looking forward to meeting you in the Fall.

Mr. Forrest


© Dave Forrest 2013