Advanced Placement American Political Systems

Welcome to Advanced Placement American Political Systems. This course is designed to provide students with important facts, concepts and theories of US government and politics. Students will look at the typical patterns of US political process, explore voter behavior, and analyze various public policies. Throughout the course students will be asked to interpret data and visuals relevant to US politics, including charts, graphs, and political cartoons.  

This course is preparation for the The United States Government and Politics Advanced Placement test.  This test will be held Tuesday May 13th beginning at 8:00 am. You can look at the other AP test calendar in May, including the Macro economics test held on Thursday May 15th in the morning. This spring you can prepare for AP Gov test by visiting the  AP Gov Prep Webpage and try the Sample AP Multiple Choice and Free Response Questions and Scoring in preparation for the May AP Gov tests.

 I've attached a planned reading schedule for our course, but it may be amended as we see how the semester progresses.

You can get ideas for improving your Free Response writing by using the Writing Free Responses presentation and practice handout.  

I am looking forward to spirited discussions about politics in our classroom. Happy Spring Super Seniors!

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