1. 1.Mall Matching. Print the MallMatching.pdf worksheet and match the locations you visited on the Mall with the clues on the sheet.

  2. 2.On-line quiz. Take the on-line Sporcle quiz to see how much you remember about your virtual visit to the National Mall.

  3. 3.Mall Mapping. Download and print the Map of the Mall. See how many of the 15 locations you can find. Put the number of the location next to the spot on the map.

  4. 4.Find New Mall Spots. There are lot of places on the Mall we didn’t visit. Explore a few on your own. You can use my photos and links to the Newseum, The Sculpture Garden, The National Museum of the American Indian, or the Potomac River or come up with places of your own.

  5. 5.Design a National Mall slideshow. Use my photos to design a PowerPoint or Google Docs slideshow about a spot on the National Mall. Just slip in the photos you like and then add text information about your place at the National Mall. Don’t forget to add a works cited card, telling your teacher where you found the information.

  6. 6.Send a postcard to family or friends. Write a post card home describing your favorite stop on the tour. Print  my postcard template to start.

  7. 7.Design a Memorial. Who should have a memorial on the National Mall who doesn’t? You can design your own memorial. Here are some memorial ideas to get you started.

  8. 8.Design a protest sign. The first amendment to the Constitution gives all Americans the right to peaceful protest. I saw to protests related to immigration when I was recently in DC. One group of demonstrators wants the Congress to allow undocumented workers to have a path to citizenship. The second protest opposes citizenship for people who are in the US illegally. Take a look at their signs and photos from both demonstrations. Choose an issue that is important to you and design your own protest sign, banner, button, or bumper sticker.

  9. 9.Write your own Dream speech. The National Mall memorials are filled with inspiring words, like Martin Luther King’s I have a dream speech. Write your own dream speech. Use my speech ideas to get you started or come up with your own ideas.

  10. 10. Heroes or Hypocrites. Many of the memorials to Presidents focus on their accomplishments. Did you know that Washington and Jefferson were slave holders. What do you think? Pick a person memorialized on the National Mall and write a paper explaining whether they are heroes or hypocrites. Use my heroes or hypocrites ideas to get started.

You can explore a few other student projects by clicking on Student Activities. I hope you enjoyed A Trip to the Mall!