A Trip to the Mall


The National Mall in Washington D.C. is not like any mall you have ever visited. It does not have shops, department stores, or video arcades. Instead it is filled with our nation's most important government buildings, monuments, museums, and memorials.

Come with me on a walking tour of the National Mall and the surrounding area. It is a warm spring day in D.C. and the cherry blossoms, dogwoods, and azaleas are all in bloom. Wear a comfortable pair of shoes and bring your camera. We are going to visit fifteen different spots on or nearby the National Mall. Meet me at our first stop at the The Washington Monument.

Or visit any of the website’s fifteen National Mall locations in any order you like  by clicking on the Mall locations below or the numbers on the menubar at the top of this webpage. The activities link includes a variety of lessons for students using A Trip to Mall website. I’ve also posted my photos from a recent visit, with links to more information, as well. Teachers and students feel free to use these photos for your classroom activities. Enjoy your journey.

A Trip to the Mall Index

  1. 1.The Washington Monument

  2. 2. The White House

  3. 3. The Vietnam Veterans Memorial

  4. 4.The Lincoln Memorial

  5. 5.The Korean War Memorial

  6. 6.The Franklin D. Roosevelt Memorial

  7. 7.The Jefferson Memorial

  8. 8.The US Holocaust Memorial Museum

  9. 9.The Smithsonian Institute

  10. 10. The US Capitol Building

  11. 11. The US Supreme Court

  12. 12. The Arlington National Cemetery

  13. 13. The National World War II Memorial

  14. 14. The Japanese American Memorial to Patriotism During WW II

  15. 15. The Martin Luther King Jr. National Memorial

A Trip to the Mall