The fight for rights began with the birth of our nation, including the Abolitionist’s fight to end slavery, the Suffragist’s efforts to win the right to vote for women, and the modern Civil Rights Movement’s quest for racial equality.  Mariel and Yuritzi researched the Jim Crow laws, one in particular, which prohibited people of different races to marry. They created a painting with a same-sex interracial couple, supporting their vision of marriage equality. Nisha and Harpreet’s video looks back at the struggle for women’s rights and explores the gains today’s women have made and their continuing fight for equality.   John and Ara learned about the bullying and harassment of the Little Rock Nine, the first black students to integrate Central High School in Arkansas in 1957.  Their video links this racial bullying of the past to the serious problem of bullying in today’s schools.


Painting by Mariel and Yuritzi


iMovie by Nisha and Harpreet

Racial bullyingandbullyingtoday.wmv

iMovie by John and Ara

The Fight for Rights