Our students have grown up in the shadow of two wars. Several student partners compared the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor with Al Qaeda’s attack on New York’s Twin Towers, using art, PowerPoint, and video. Two projects, one PowerPoint slideshow and one video, focused on the unwarranted suspicion leveled against Japanese Americans during World War II and Sikh Americans after 9/11. Ga and Yumeng compared the My Lai Massacre of the Vietnam War to the recent killing of civilians in Afghanistan by a US soldier. Ximena and Liliana’s PowerPoint presentation parallels the demonstrations of the Anti-Vietnam War Movement and the protests of the current Occupy Movement.

December 7th/September11.jpg

Painting by Adrian and Ben


By Ximena and Liliana

PowerPoint Presentation

Surprise Attacks - PearlHarbor and Twin Towers.mov

iMovie by Johnmar and Holly

TheAttack on Pearl Harbor and 9/11.ppt

Powerpoint Presentation by Gurujot and Kamalbir


PowerPoint Presentation byStephen Ho

PearlHarbor and 9/11.ppt

by Omeed and Shalah

Discrimination in the Time of War.ppt

PowerPoint Presentation by Amritvir and RJ


iMovie by Kirtanpal and Gurkirat


Ga and Yumeng

In the Time of War