Activity #1: Textbook Reading 

Read Chapter 1 of your Economics Today textbook. 

  1. Take notes on your reading. Use whatever style of notes is most useful to you or you might try the Thieves strategy, which works well for non-fiction texts like your econ book.
  2. Answer the questions from the reading worksheet
  3. Do the on-line practice quiz for Chapter 1 from the Economics Today website to see how well you understood the material. Go back to your reading for concepts you missed.
  4. Now take the true-false quiz I designed to see how well you understood Chapter 1 from your textbook. When you have completed your quiz, grade yourself by looking at the quiz key.
  5. Reflect on your reading. Do you need to spend more time with your reading? Do you need to take better notes or were you successful the first time through?

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